Basecoat and topcoat, really necessary?


Basecoat and topcoat, everyone knows about it but not everyone uses it. Maybe you use one but not the other. Or maybe you use your topcoat as clear nail polish. That's okay, but did you know that it lasts longer if you also use a basecoat? Let me explain. 

The basecoat works is a  primer for your nail. It protects your nail plate from discolorations that can arise from the use of nail polish. If you wear nail polish constantly, yellow or white spots can appear on the nails.  The base coat ensures that your nail stays protected. It also adheres to your nail polish, making the nail polish last longer.

The topcoat is the finishing touch of your nail polish. It puts an extra protective layer over your color, making it last longer, look less dull after one or two days, and more resistant to chipping.

Should you use a topcoat/basecoat from the same brand? 

Yes! The ideal products are three products from the same brand: one layer of basecoat, two thin layers of your favorite color, and one layer of topcoat. They contain the same composition and ingredients and will, therefore, adhere better together compared to products from different brands.

One last tip: give your nails a break from nail polish every now and then and nourish them with a serum

Nails are jewels, not tools