Bio Balance cleansing milk with rose extracts

Moisturizing - Firming - Protective 

Thanks to the high concentration of powerful antioxidants that improve the structure of the skin and prevent skin aging, the cleansing milk is ideal for dry or mature skin. 

In addition, it also makes it easy to remove eye makeup (water resistant).

  •  Glycerin restores the natural hydrolipidic barrier to better protect the skin and prevent dehydration. It makes the skin smooth and soft. 
  •  Red clover extract prevents premature skin aging. The texture, elasticity and firmness of the skin are improved. 
  • St. John's Wort and Calendula extracts soothe the skin and support skin regeneration. 


Apply the milk liberally with your hands. 

Thoroughly emulsify the area to be cleaned. 

Then apply the milk to a cotton pad to remove eye makeup. 

 Remove with a damp compress and pat the skin dry. 

Also available in travel format: 50ml.

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