Foot foam- fungus prone skin

For the care of fungus-prone dry skin 

  • also suitable for diabetics 
  • Clotrimazole has a preventive protective function because the skin of diabetics is less resistant to fungal infections 
  • Urea causes fluid retention 
  • nourishing active ingredients give the skin the necessary suppleness 
  • free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives 
  • dermatologically tested 

Application: Shake the can before each use and keep it vertical.   Apply sparingly (the size of a walnut) to the feet once or twice a day and massage in gently. 

Ingredients (extract): urea 10%, clotrimazole, glycerin, peach seed oil, panthenol, hyaluronic acid 

Content: 125 ml

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Aqua (water), ureum, butaan, prunus persica (perzik) pitolie, octyldodecanol, decyloleaat, cetylalcohol, glycerine, propaan, clotrimazol, stearinezuur, palmitinezuur, propyleenglycol, natriumlauroylsarcosinaat, natriumhyaluronaat, panthenol, , Isobutaan.