Mousse voeten - droge huid met kloven

For the care of very dry skin and cracked skin 

  • for rough and cracked feet 
  • absorbs quickly and completely 
  • Compression stockings can be put on immediately after use 
  • Urea and salicylic acid protect against excessive formation of calluses and fissures 
  • Echinacea and panthenol make the skin soft and smooth and support its functions 
  • free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives 
  • dermatologically tested 

Application: Shake the foam before each use and hold it vertically.  Apply sparingly (the size of a walnut) to the feet once or twice a day and massage in gently. 

Ingredients (extract): urea 15%, salicylic acid 1%, panthenol 

Why use this product?

Foot foam makes it easier to put back on socks and shoes, it's less greasy than foot cream but has the same effect, if used properly.  

Content: 125 ml 

10.90 €

Ingrediënten: Aqua (water), ureum, butaan, capryl / caprine-triglyceriden, cetylalcohol, decyloleaat, octyldodecanol, glycerine, propaan, stearinezuur, palmitinezuur, propyleenglycol, natriumsalicylaat, natriumlauroylsarcosinaat, echinacea purpurea-wortelextract , Natriumhydroxiden, isobutanen.