Nail strengthening set

Nail Strengthening set Home Crisnail®

The ideal care for healthy nail growth! 

File your nails with the glass file to prevent splitting of the nails. 

With the orange stick you clean out the nail edges and push the cuticles back.

 The Nail Force Strengthener and the Mango Cuticle Oil guarantee optimal nourishment of the nail plate and cuticles. 

The growth of the natural nails is stimulated and the nails become remarkably stronger. 

Apply 2 coats of the Nail Force Strengthener on the first day and then 1 coat per day for a week. 


-1 Orange stick 

-1 Crisnail Nail Force Strengthener 14 ml 

-1 Cobra® Nails glass file 

-1 Mango Cuticle Oil Roll-On 8 ml 

-Bio Balance Camomille Hand Cream 25 ml 


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